At the complex intersection of cryptoassets, law and regulation, Englebert is more than just a service; we enable.  

Our team of legal and c-suite professionals from cryptoasset and investment backgrounds operates across niche expertise to deliver peace of mind for your money.

Looking great, but is your cryptoasset promotion compliant? Has it been approved?

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Better safe than sorry. Know who you’re working with in the crypto space with our due diligence services.

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If it’s a digital asset, we’ll help you find it

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You need a sidekick you know and trust to make waves in your market, gain credibility and avoid costly mistakes.

We’re corporate experts-turned-entrepreneurs who bring commercialism and knowledge together for our clients. Our expertise extends to both traditional finance and crypto assets, allowing us to understand how one affects the other.

Our Experience.

We mobilise people and optimise them with technology to provide knowledge and supervision.

"We've explored using the Englebert tools to help give our projects the compliance framework we need and we really like what we've seen."

Will Askew,

“As crypto makes its way gradually day by day into the mainstream I can't think of anyone better placed than Englebert to lead the industry to where it needs to be.”

Glenn Grant,

"As a founder, saving time on critical tasks is paramount. Englebert is your time-saver when it comes to compliance and regulation."

Ryan Gledhill,

Looking to brush up on your
regulatory crypto knowledge?

From nifty online courses to bespoke training for your team.

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