Cryptoasset Promotions In The UK Market

Approving promotions for unauthorised parties

Since 8 October 2023, in order to promote a cryptoasset in the UK, you will need to be authorised by, or registered with, the FCA or get an authorised person to approve the promotion on your behalf.

We understand that getting registered as a cryptoasest business in the UK can be difficult: In fact, 85% of applications to the FCA end in rejection or forced withdrawal.

We can help arrange, and approve, cryptoasset financial promotions.

We're here to help

Registering with the FCA

Starting from 8 October 2023, any entity wishing to promote a cryptoasset in the UK will need to either be authorised by the FCA or have their promotions approved by an authorised entity.

We can help support with your application to the FCA, and approve cryptoasset promotions ourselves!

Advice On The New Regime

We have thoroughly reviewed and analysed the guidance and regulations from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regarding the cryptoasset financial promotions regime so that you don’t have to.

To help businesses out, we have prepared an informative infographic that serves as a practical and convenient guide, summarising the key findings and implementation guidelines for businesses.

For Marketers

Ok marketers - it's your time to shine. You have your campaign ready, the assets made, your reporting in place... but oh wait... you're marketing for an industry that is full of changing rules and regulations.

The new cryptoasset financial promotions regime is a bit of a mouthful (and pages upon pages of text to read through), so we've gone ahead and summarised it into one handy infographic that will make sure that your marketing activities are compliant with the changing regulations in the UK. We're nice like that.

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Do you work with all token types?

Any cryptoasset promotion issued in the UK, however communicated, will need to be fair, clear and not misleading and include relevant risk warnings that are specific to the cryptoassets being promoted.

The FCA has provided a standard risk summary, but in some cases it won’t be appropriate because of the products or services you might be offering. We help our clients with a range of token types, and have even made this handy guide on the intricacies of various cryptoasset types, including stablecoins, defi tokens, wrapped tokens, meme coins, and staking, shedding light on their associated risks and the appropriate risk warnings.

We're looking for extra support for our team: Can you help?

Of course! We can provide top-tier regulatory training programmes for our clients. Find out more about it here.

How long does it take to approve crypto assets?

It takes us 24 hours to carry out an initial review.

Following this, it takes 4 business days to approve (assuming 1 business day for you to make any changes requested by us). In practice we beat this in 99% of cases that clients turn comments around within 1 business day.

How soon can we get up and running with you to approve our crypto assets?

It takes around 32 days to get up and running with Englebert.

Day 1:
- Notification of new client sent to FCA (4 weeks to review).
- Start of initial commercial due diligence and KYB checks and each client accessing the service (carried out by CrypTegridy Solutions).
- Draft Services Agreement provided to for review. Draft Side Letter written for participating clients.

Day 30:
Following successful conclusion of due diligence and acceptance of commercial terms, execute Services Agreement and implement Side Letters.

Day 32:
- Users added to Jira. Slack channel created.
- 1 day training session arranged with any participating client representatives.
- Initial review of all platform screens carried out.

What does yor pricing look like?

We have tiered models so that you can pick and choose what fits best for your business. Just drop us. anemail an we'd be happy to send you our suite of options!

We're here to help

Let us know if you need help with getting your promotions approved for the new regime.

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