Crypto Due Diligence: Fortifying Your Assets with DAO Diligence

In collaboration with CrypTegrity, we offer a suite of services designed to protect your cryptoassets and uphold the integrity of decentralised finance.

In the dynamic world of cryptoassets, trust and transparency are not just values; they're necessities.

CrypTegridy's DAO Diligence service is your gateway to secure and informed collaborations in the crypto ecosystem.

Whether you're looking to partner with a crypto business, integrate a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) into your operations, or onboard them as a client, we're here to ensure that your ventures stand on a foundation of integrity and deep insight.

Why Choose DAO Diligence?

Unmatched KYB Expertise

Specialising in Know Your Business (KYB) checks, DAO Diligence is your solution for navigating the often opaque world of crypto businesses and DAOs.

Access to Extensive Information Resources

Leveraging CrypTegridy's vast array of information resources, we delve deep to bring you a comprehensive understanding of your potential crypto partners.

Tailored for the Crypto Age

Designed specifically for the unique challenges and opportunities within the crypto landscape, DAO Diligence is more than just a service - it's your strategic advantage.

How it works

Thorough Analysis: We don't just scratch the surface. Our KYB checks are exhaustive, covering legal standings, operational integrity, and financial health.
Transparency and Trust: In an industry where these qualities are paramount, we lead by example, providing clear, concise, and honest insights.
Cutting-Edge Techniques: Utilising the latest in blockchain analytics and crypto-specific intelligence gathering, we stay ahead of the curve, so you do too.
Effective Risk Mitigation: Our blockchain security solutions empower you to mitigate risks effectively, ensuring ongoing regulatory compliance and safeguarding your business from financial crime.

You've got the Qs, we've got the As

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What makes you guys better than the rest? 

CrypTegridy is the only partner that can provide KYB information on DAOs and pseudonymous individuals to a standard sufficient for firm’s diligence requirements under the money laundering regulations. And if we can do that for DAOs, imagine what we can do for centralised entities.

Is this a monthly subscription kind of thing? 

No. These are “one and done” reports that take a snapshot at a particular point in time. We can refresh that diligence whenever you like, but that’s likely to be around the 6-12 month mark.

Who is CrypTegrity? 

Our friends and partner CrypTegrity are specialists in blockchain security. They are dedicated to safeguarding the decentralised community against any form of harmful activity. Check them out here.

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