Crypto Asset Tracing 

Let our industry experts help you on the path to finding your stolen assets

In the intricate labyrinth of the crypto world, the loss of assets can be a complex challenge.

That’s why we’ve partnered with CrypTegridy to provide an Asset Tracing service designed to empower insurers and financial institutions with cutting-edge solutions for tracking lost or stolen crypto assets.

Our blend of sophisticated tools, deep knowledge of blockchain crime, and relentless investigative rigour sets us apart in the pursuit of your lost assets.

Why CrypTegridy's Asset Tracing?

Specialised for Insurers and Financial Institutions

Tailored to meet the unique needs of insurers handling lost-asset claims and financial institutions recovering from asset losses.

Advanced Blockchain Analytics

Leveraging state-of-the-art tools to trace the movement of assets across blockchain networks.

Expertise in Blockchain Crime

Our team's profound understanding of blockchain-related criminal activities enhances our asset tracing capabilities.

Brute Force Investigation Skills

We go beyond the digital frontier, employing comprehensive investigative techniques to uncover the whereabouts of lost assets.

Our Service: A Beacon in Your Asset Recovery Journey

Comprehensive Asset Tracing: From initial loss to the latest transaction, we track your assets through the complex web of blockchain transactions.
Strategic Recovery Planning: We don't just find your assets; we assist in strategising the most effective recovery approach, be it through legal channels or direct communication with exchanges.

Our Asset Tracing service is ideal for:

Insurers with Lost-Asset Claims

Transform the way you handle claims related to lost or stolen crypto assets with our expert tracing services.

Financial Institutions Facing Asset Losses

In the face of significant crypto asset losses, our service provides a critical tool in your recovery strategy.

You've got the Qs, we've got the As

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Who is CrypTegrity?

Our friends and partner CrypTegrity are specialists in blockchain security. They are dedicated to safeguarding the decentralised community against any form of harmful activity. Check them out here.

Do I need to tell you all my passwords? 

No. We’ll never ask you for your password or your mother’s maiden name.

How much do you charge? 

The cost depends on the complexity of the issue. We can charge on an hourly or fixed fee basis.

Can you recover scammed or stolen assets?

We can’t directly recover your assets where they’ve been stolen, but once we’ve mapped out where the funds have gone we can recommend the most likely recovery action including by providing the results of our investigation to law enforcement.  

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