Trigger monitoring

Introducing CrypTegridy's white glove transaction monitoring service.

Too many transaction monitoring services require you to do the work yourself. If you aren’t set up for that, then our bespoke Transaction Monitoring service is what you need.

This offering is not just about providing tools; it's about offering a complete, hands-on monitoring and reporting service that ensures your crypto transactions are monitored with the utmost care and expertise.

Ideal for businesses that need an extra layer of security but lack the resources or capability to manage it in-house, our service is a seamless blend of technology and personalised oversight.

Why Choose CrypTegridy's Transaction Monitoring?

Bespoke Monitoring Approach

Unlike standard self-service platforms, our service reports tailored to each client's specific needs and risk profiles.

Expert Oversight

Our crypto specialists design monitoring triggers, review incidents and report to you direct.

Advanced Analytics and Tools

Utilising cutting-edge technology we never miss a beat.

Investigative Insights

Beyond monitoring, we delve into the source and destination of transactions, offering comprehensive investigative support.

Our Service: Beyond Monitoring, Toward Peace of Mind

Continuous Transaction Surveillance: We keep a vigilant eye on your crypto transactions, identifying and flagging any suspicious activity.
Customised Alerts and Reporting: Receive tailored alerts and detailed reports that make sense of your transaction data.
Investigative Support: Where questions arise about transaction parties, we provide in-depth investigation to clarify and resolve concerns.

Our Asset Tracing service is ideal for:

Businesses Lacking In-House Capabilities

For organisations that need to monitor crypto transactions but lack the internal resources or expertise.

Platforms Needing Investigative Insights

Ideal for businesses that can monitor transactions but require deeper analysis into the origins and destinations of crypto assets.

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