Navigating Regulatory Challenges and Launching a Compliant DeFi Protocol: A Case Study of AlloyX

This case study explores how Englebert successfully assisted Thallo, a tokenised carbon marketplace, in navigating regulatory challenges and establishing a robust compliance framework.

Thallo aimed to ensure regulatory compliance and obtain regulatory registration while developing their innovative platform.

About them

AlloyX is a cutting-edge DeFi protocol founded in 2021. The platform has already amassed over $2 million in total value locked (TVL) and is on track to become one of the first protocols to integrate with major credit protocols. Its mission is to facilitate tokenised loans to real-world assets, enabling greater liquidity for investors.

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The challenge

AlloyX faced the challenge of navigating a complex regulatory landscape, particularly with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) taking stricter actions against the DeFi space. With a team comprising members from various countries, AlloyX needed a lean and flexible corporate and decentralised structure to access primary markets and seamlessly integrate with third-party credit protocols. Additionally, the development of a comprehensive anti-money laundering framework was crucial for the project's compliance.

Englebert's approach

Englebert's expertise and global network of partners were instrumental in assisting AlloyX. They conducted an extensive analysis of jurisdictions to identify the most suitable location for centralised entities that could support a decentralised protocol. Englebert provided guidance on whitepaper drafting, compliance-focused web copy review, assessment of token features in relation to securities regulations, establishment of a decentralised governance framework, and onboarding with partner protocols. A close, long-term relationship between Englebert and AlloyX's founders enabled a collaborative approach to achieve their commercial goals.

Solutions implemented

Englebert seamlessly integrated into the AlloyX team, assisting them from ideation to launch. They conducted a thorough jurisdictional analysis and collaborated with legal counsel in the US, BVI, and Cayman Islands to establish appropriate structures. Englebert drafted essential policy documents, developed robust anti-money laundering procedures, provided training, strategic guidance, and facilitated integration with AlloyX's partner protocols.

Results and Impact

AlloyX successfully launched its DeFi protocol and is on the path to full decentralisation. The platform has integrated with preferred partners and is experiencing strong growth in TVL. Crucially, AlloyX now operates with robust compliance structures in place, ensuring regulatory adherence and mitigating potential risks.

“Oh man, without you facilitating all this we’d be 💀”

Alexandre Liege, CEO & Co-founder

Lessons Learned and Best Practices

The collaboration between Englebert and AlloyX offers valuable insights for other DeFi projects navigating the ever-changing regulatory landscape. It emphasises the importance of working with knowledgeable regulatory partners to establish lean and compliant structures, conduct jurisdictional analyses, develop comprehensive anti-money laundering frameworks, and foster close relationships to achieve long-term goals.

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In a nutshell...

Englebert's expertise in regulatory compliance, combined with their close collaboration with AlloyX, enabled the successful launch of a compliant DeFi protocol. AlloyX's integration with major credit protocols and impressive TVL growth showcase the value delivered through the partnership. Englebert reaffirms its commitment to helping clients navigate complex regulatory challenges and achieve their business objectives in the compliance and risk management space.

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