Navigating Compliance With Englebert: Empowering Web 3.0 Projects For Success

Who is Englebert? What do we do and why should you work with us? Hear directly from our founders in this quick article!

In the fast-evolving landscape of Web 3.0 projects, regulatory compliance has become an essential pillar for success. Indeed, compliance can ensure that projects are credible and trustworthy in the eyes of their users.

Englebert is here to guide and support entrepreneurs and organisations as they navigate the complex realm of compliance. But what does that look like? And how exactly do we work with clients?

First thing’s first, who’s Englebert?

We are a leading consulting firm specialising in regulatory compliance for Web 3.0 projects. We’re a dedicated team of compliance experts who bring extensive knowledge and experience in navigating the ever-changing regulatory landscape. We are on a mission to make the compliance landscape as easy and stress-free as possible for Web 3.0 projects launching in the UK.

“We launched Englebert because we knew that businesses needed a sidekick they knew and trusted to make waves in their market, gain credibility and avoid costly mistakes. Our experience perfectly positioned us to be the partner for Web 3.0 projects in the UK, and we wanted to work with as many interesting businesses as possible!”

Gareth Malna, co-founder

So what do we offer?

Englebert recognises that each Web 3.0 project is unique, with its own set of challenges and regulatory requirements. This is why we work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and develop tailored compliance solutions. From crypto exchanges and DeFi protocols to token issuers and blockchain projects, Englebert offers comprehensive assistance throughout the entire compliance journey.

How do we know all of this wizardry?

There’s a reason we’ve been referred to as “Gandalf-like”. It’s true, for some, compliance in the Web 3.0 industry isn’t sexy (or interesting), but we can’t get enough of it. We have built a deep understanding of regulatory frameworks and evolving standards, staying up-to-date with the latest developments, so that we can ensure that clients receive accurate and timely advice.

“I have decades of experience working in the financial industry and have supported various clients throughout the Web 3.0 “boom”. It’s safe to say that Gareth and I nerd out on all of the requirements businesses need to become successful, which I guess has made us the perfect partner for companies out there!”

Wayne Green, co-founder

We’re doing things differently

We’re consultants now, but our eyes are firmly fixed on the horizon of regtech. Englebert is on a mission to make regulation as easy as possible for crypto projects, so we are exploring avenues to disrupt the norm. Whether that’s helping crypto projects market in the UK or launching our own policy library.

Our clients seem to think we’re pretty cool too

We believe in building long-term partnerships with our clients (we know lots of businesses say that, but for us it’s true!). We work collaboratively, providing ongoing support as compliance requirements evolve. Englebert's team remain accessible and responsive, offering guidance and assistance whenever needed, ensuring that our clients stay ahead of regulatory changes and maintain compliance in an ever-evolving landscape. Check out our case studies if you haven’t already!

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